If this page looks old it is! This was one of the first festival web sites on the Internet in Australia in 1995.
I have left it here as a place in history.


The 1995 Lithgow Blues Music Festival

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The 1995 Lithgow Blues Music Festival featured some of Australia's best Blues Musicians.
Held over three days the Festival attracted Visitors from all over Australia and overseas.

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For Further Information on the Festival email the Tourist Officer
Or Mail: Lithgow Blues Music Festival
PO Box 682, Lithgow. NSW. 2790. Australia.
Phone: +61 063 531859, Fax: +61 063 531851

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The Lithgow Blues Music Festival
Australian Blues Music Awards were held on Saturday night of the 25th November 1995.

1995 Australian Blues Music Awards - Category Winners

New Female Artist

Linda Hansen

New Male Artist

Damon Davies

Female Artist

Li'l Fi

Male Artist

Marco Goldsmith


Jim Conway


Chris Finnen

Song of 1995

Jumpin with Stevie - Mal Eastick Band

Album of 1995

After Closing Time - Bondi Cigars

Album of 1995

Marooned - Blue Heat

New Band of 1995

Chris Finnen Band

Band of 1995

Bondi Cigars

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